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Xiaomi Mi 6 to arrive with the latest camera technology

Xiaomi Mi 6 to arrive with the latest camera technology

Xiaomi, the Chinese smartphone and electronics manufacturer, will introduce the successor to the popular flagship Mi 5 this year. We do know that the Redmi Note 4 will launch earlier, however. The upcoming smartphone, the Mi 6, will look to upstage the Apple iPhone 8 and the Samsung Galaxy S8 when they launch later this year. In other recent developments, the soon-to-be-launched Xiaomi offering will sport Sony’s IMX400 sensor on the primary camera: this is the latest 3-layer stacked CMOS sensor. This new sensor is present in Sony’s new Xperia XZ Premium. This may mean that the Xiaomi Mi 6 may carry a 19MP rear camera here. A 25mm lens is also present. The new Qualcomm Snapdragon 835 SoC is also expected. This will make the Mi 6 enormously fast and very energy efficient as well as an octa-core processor clocked at 2.2GHz is expected. We do not expect the new Xiaomi device to launch in March. An April launch is imminent as reports suggest.

Let’s talk features. The Xiaomi Mi 6 will have a 5.2-inch display with 100% screen to display ratio. We expect a 4K display resolution which translates to 4096×2160 pixels in laymen’s language. Expect a 2.5D curved glass with a metallic body and back. The Mi 6 will boast of pretty impressive if mid-range features with 4GB to 6GB of RAM and storage options up to 128GB that can be expanded up to 256GB. The phone will have a 16 + 16 MP dual-rear camera along with a 7MP front snapper.  The Xiaomi Mi 6 will also play host to the increasingly popular USB Type-C port and 3000mAh battery with built-in support for Quick Charge 3.0

There are conflicting reports on the camera specifications, especially when it comes to the primary or rear camera.  Two main schools of thought are behind this: one stating that the rear camera will be a 23 MP behemoth capable of taking incredibly detailed pictures. The other report states that the phone will have a dual camera setup of 16MP and 16 MP. In both reports, the front camera configuration stays the same at 7MP. We expect other standard features like facial recognition, optical image stabilisation, and a superb dual-tone LED Flash.

The Xiaomi Mi 6 will sport a USB Type-C port and will retain the 3.5mm headphone jack, thereby not flowing with the tide as Apple and Samsung has done. A certain amount of brand and value differentiation will be a result of this move. We also expect a dependable 3000mAh battery with support for Quick Charge 3.0 on the new phone. There is some confusion on the Quick Charge feature on the phone. The features as specified by manufacturer Qualcomm shows the new chipset, the Snapdragon 835, to be compatible with Quick Charge 4.0. This might make the details already available on the Xiaomi Mi 6 redundant, as they will allow the phone to come with Quick Charge 4.0 and allow compatibility with USB power delivery.

Other features we can confirm include dual SIM support with Bluetooth 4.1 connectivity, Wi-Fi direct and Hotspot support. Gorilla Glass 4 will make the screen extra durable and makes the phone shockproof and dust-proof. Sensors include a barometer, a compass, and a gyroscope. The price of the device is still unknown but Xiaomi will look to keep it a mid-range phone as the specs are middling. We are looking at the dawn of a new technological era with a retina scanner on the Mi 6 replacing the fingerprint scanner.


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Playstation 5’s will have to play by new rules

Playstation 5’s will have to play by new rules

The Sony Playstation 5, popularly abbreviated as the PS5, will be released in 2020, or maybe even by 2019. The reason is simple: the new PS5 will have to ward off popular rivals like Nintendo and the omnipresent Microsoft, which, with its new Xbox 2, will look to upset and thoroughly muddle the apple cart of Sony. The new console will not only have to be very technologically superior, it will also have to ride the new elements of technology the world has witnessed since 2013, when the last PS 4 was released. In the meantime, we have come across the PS4 Slim as well as the PS4 Pro, both precursors of the new PS5


For the last four generations of the Playstation, Sony had played by the rules of the console industry. It had played by the rules from the year of its inception: the original PS released in 1994, right up to 2013. Each of the generations had to last for an estimated six to seven years. Each generation of the console was not only an admixture of hardware but also received a magnitude increase in power, compatibility, and prowess. The reason why the new PS5 will be so successful is because the brains at Sony have decided to stay ahead of the technological curve.

The first change that the then-recent PS3 noticed was the internet revolution. The PS3’s internet connectivity was the fundamental reason why the new console was so very successful. The internet connectivity meant that the PS3 could be the trailblazer in terms of affordability as well as incremental updates in hardware as well as software, which could be directly sent to the user thanks in major part to the new technology. The new technology also meant that the update product could be and indeed was a substantial move away from the original console. Such incremental design changes also reflected a paradigm shift in the design philosophy at Sony.

The Japanese giant is also seen to be pursuing the rules of the new game with the soon-to-be-launched PS5. How do we know? Well, for starters, it has released new hardware at exactly the middle of the new generation in the form of the PS4 Pro and the PS4 Slim we mentioned before. Three years is the middle mark of what is increasingly a six-year cycle. We have already seen that the difference between two generation is now bordering at least 7 years.

What are the major changes PlayStation 5 aka the PS5  might have to face? The streaming part of the new gaming business is one. The advent of VR is also one major factor. Indeed, experts suggest that the VR display may well be our primary display screen in place of the television set. One other factor to remember is that the new VR headsets manufactured by HTC and Oculus is also on the sidelines.This simply means that the new VR technology will soon be widespread and more affordable as well. We are eagerly waiting to see what Sony does next with the PS5.


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iPhone 7S May Arrive This Year With a Revamped Look

iPhone 7S May Arrive This Year With a Revamped Look

With September nearing as each day fades, fans are excited about the next iPhone, that is most likely going to be called the iPhone 7S. The device will be marking the 10th anniversary for iPhones. Are per rumors the handset is going to be one monster of a device and will most likely be supporting a revamped look. From what we have heard, it’s going to be a show stopper.

Since the launch of the Apple iPhone 7 and iPhone 7 Plus in September 2016, there has been a lot of confusion among fans regarding whether the next iPhone will be called iPhone 7S or iPhone 8. Since the launch of iPhone has always been followed by the launch of an ‘S’ series, so it’ll be a disappointment if they decide to skip the model. While tech gurus think we’ll have an iPhone 7S, other think it’ll be iPhone 8. Whatever the truth is, we’ll get to the bottom of it in the September event of Apple where they are going to launch the next iPhone. Regardless of what comes out, let us take a look at the features of the next iPhone.

The internet is spilling out rumors about the next iPhone day in and day out. And from what have been hearing, the iPhone 7S sounds very promising. As you must have seen, Apple has offered nothing new regarding the design of the handsets that they have rolled out. Therefore fans are expecting that this time there’ll be some radical changes in the design of the iPhone. One the things to look forward to in the iPhone 7S is the edge-to-edge display that is something in trend and lot of mobile devices are going to incorporate them; iPhone 7S might just be a pioneer in this regards. It’ll be a disappointment if the device doesn’t. Along with e bezel-less display, the handset will be devoid of a physical ‘home button’ as it’ll be embedded on the screen.

Besides these, there’s a good possibility that the handset will sport glass, that’ll make it resistant to all sort of outdoor damages one can think of. On the other hand, there are reports that the phone may sport chassis built out of stainless steel. Apple had ditched stainless steel chassis way back with the rolling out iPhone 5. So it’ll certainly be nostalgic for a loyalist to see the stainless steel back in iPhone 7S. Maybe its Apple way to tracing back and reminding people of the success iPhone has been over the years.

Apart from all these, we are looking forward to one technology that is already supported by a number of websites and has been very popular. There is hope that the iPhone 7S will be supporting virtual reality. VR was a trending topic back in 2016, and as per market analysts, the VR is the technology of the near-future. As to what the actual name of the phone will be and what features it will sport remains to be seen. The next iPhone is rumored to come out in the September event of Apple that is held each year.

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Freedom App Comes as One of the Most User-Friendly Apps

Freedom App Comes as One of the Most User-Friendly Apps

The world of technology has taken some giant leaps over the last few decades. And in the near future things are expected to take an even bigger shape. This is because of the fact that the world of technology is all set to come across a number of new things that most of the tech enthusiasts can’t even think of at this moment. However, keeping aside what might we get in future let’s take a look at what we have now. And if we do that we can come across a number of apps and websites that have made life much easy going for all.

One of the apps which has made things easier for each and every human being is the Freedom app. There a number of reasons behind the fact that Freedom Apk has managed to reach the top of the ladder of the popular apps. And in the distant future, very few can match the popularity of the app that Freedom apk has managed in these few years. Freedom app comes to great use for all the consumers who have got hold of the app in a way that most apps does not. It enables the user to get access to certain games where you need to make some payment in order to get hold of it and that too without expending even a single penny. So quite naturally this is one of the apps that has managed to attract the tech enthusiasts across the world, and the list of the users include mostly the gamers.

Now that we know the basic requirement of the Freedom app let’s have a look at the reason behind the popularity it has managed to gain in the recent past. The first thing that comes to mind which makes it rank over the apps from this genre is the fact that the app comes at free of cost. Most of the apps in this genre charge the users with some amount of money; otherwise, the users fail to get access to the full version of the app. And this is something that users of the Freedom apk do not have to face for the developers have made the app free for the users.

Also, the user interface is one of a kind that most of the apps included in this genre do not have. It is extremely user-friendly. And even the users who are not that much into the intricacies of technological things will find it easy to get access to. The Freedom app also comes with support for a number of apps which might just not be available to the other ones. And evidently, it ranks higher on the list if the apps in this genre.

However, one thing that works against the app is the fact that this app is unavailable on the official app markets of the popular operating systems. So before downloading the app on your device, all you need to do is get hold of an Android emulator. Once you are over with it, you will be ready t make use of the Freedom app.


FIFA Set to Bring in Realtime Interviews?

FIFA Set to Bring in Realtime Interviews?

FIFA (video game series) has been one of the most popular video games that are played by the gamers across the world. And with the setting in of the New Year, expectations are on the rise regarding the probable features of the game. It is expected that there are chances that FIFA 18 might come out with a new feature that would enable the gamers to engage in real time interviews and press conferences.

Before getting into what the probable features of the FIFA 18 are going to be, we need to take a look at the probable release date of the game FIFA 18. However, there is not much confusion or speculation regarding the probable release date of the FIFA 18 for the developers of the game FIFA has already set a trend for themselves which makes the month of September as the probable release date of the game. EA over the years has managed to come up with the updated versions of the video game series in the month of September. There have been occasions when the release has been delayed to the month of October but that generally hasn’t happened. And it beyond doubt that the game FIFA 18 is going to be released before the end of the month of September this year.

Now coming to probable features of the game, it can be said that the game is going to be one of the best, once it hits the market in the latter half of the year. and one of the features that is expected to come in, we have the real time interviews and press conference. This is something which is expected to come in, at least the fans of the game believe that EA is going to bring in this new feature. With other games, like the Mass Effect series which is released by EA as well, coming in with a better dialogue wheel, it has become one of the rumours that FIFA 18 will also feature the real-time interviews and press conferences. It won’t be too much of a surprise if it is incorporated into the game in the upcoming edition as we have seen how the game has developed over the years.

Regarding the gameplay, it is believed that FIFA 18 will go back to the traditional shot power and curl mechanic, as far as taking penalties and free-kicks in the game are concerned. Also, the augmented reality of the game is expected to undergo a change. And that change is perhaps going to be for the good as there have been instances when the goalkeeper has failed to react properly despite the proper input. So a development in the AI is also one thing that EA might look for. However, the lack of reaction of the goalie has got a lot to do with the input delay as well. And with the coming in of the Frostbite 4 engine, subtle changes are expected to be made in the game which will also fix such little tweaks that the game has got.

However, everything is in a state of speculation and few changes might come when the game actually hits the market as we have a number of days still to go before the official release. Till then we have to keep on waiting and rely on all the news and updates that keep on coming from different reliable sources.

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Apple iMac 2017 Set to Give Virtual Reality a Miss?

Apple iMac 2017 Set to Give Virtual Reality a Miss?

Apple has been in the mix for all the smartphones and other electronic gadgets that will be unveiled at some point in time this year. The focus has primarily been on the iPhone over the last few months. Discussions regarding Apple have mostly focused on the release date and the probable features of the Apple iPhone and which model of the flagship smartphone is going to be released in the course of the year. But besides the Apple iPhone, there are quite a number of electronic gadgets that are waiting in the pipeline to be released, and one of those is the Apple iMac 2017.

There has been enough confusion among the tech enthusiasts regarding the fact when the Apple iMac 2017 is going to come out on the market. Regarding the launch of the Apple iMac 2017, there have been rumors that the smartphone is going to hit the market very soon. Apple CEO Tim Cook has been heard saying that there are a number of things that are going to be refurbished in the Apple iMac 2017, and that is one of the reasons why the release is getting delayed a bit. But it is not going to be a long wait for all those who are waiting eagerly for some official words regarding the Apple iMac 2017. But all these words have come out from some reliable sources, and nothing officially has been announced regarding the unveiling of the latest powerful desktop from the Cupertino-based tech giant.

Along with all the speculations regarding the release date of the Apple iMac 2017, there have been enough discussions going on regarding what the features of the desktop are possibly going to be when it is unveiled. Most of the fans are of the opinion that the powerful desktop is going to be one of the most updated ones that the world of technology has come across in quite a while. It is estimated that the desktop computer from Apple will come with support for the virtual reality. However, the latest news that has come out seems to state otherwise. It has been stated that the Apple iMac 2017 might not come with the graphics card that will be able to support virtual reality.

If we take into consideration the previous reports that have surfaced, we can come to the conclusion that the latest desktop computer will be supported by the Intel Kaby Lake processor. Along with that, it will be equipped with the AMD Polaris 10 GPU. But what has been stated by the co-founder of Oculus might not sound pretty for the ones who are expecting highly of the Apple iMac 2017. He has been found to have revealed that Apple iMac is not on the roadmap for the upcoming six months at the least. So that somewhat reduces the chances of Apple iMac 2017 coming on to the market with support for virtual reality.

However, with quite a number of days still left before the official unveiling of the next generation desktop computer from Apple, changes are bound to take place. So we have to wait for a few more days to get some clear indication regarding the features of the Apple iMac 2017.

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Is it worth buying the Best Laptops under 30000

Laptops are invented by the developers to make every task easy and complete it quickly and smoothly. There are the variety of Laptops which possess of the variety of branded companies, and their functioning and features are also very different for different types of tasks for the various people. Laptops are used to carry on every task by which people are more ambitious to accomplish every task quickly and smoothly.

There are many low as well as high range Laptops for the variety of people with a number of different features in it. There are also many Laptops which possess almost same features as the features of the High price Laptops. The qualities of the Low price, as well as High price, are same in some of the Laptops of some companies. So people should purchase those  Best Laptops under 30000  by which they get every possible quality of the Laptops having the High price range more than 30000.

Laptops are worth taking when they are used to purchase for the important tasks of the companies or for any other tasks. Laptops are not used only for the companies, but also for playing Games and Music. People like to communicate with a lot of other people through the Internet by which they become famous and known to many of the people. Through the Internet in the Laptops, people can share their views and ideas in their Facebook or any other account by which people get closer to each other and also they get knowledge about the outside facts. So Laptops can share and transfer every detail information from one place to another with the help of Internet. So every task is handled by the Laptop with care and security when the people are connected to the Internet with the different people.





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The Action Plan of Nuclear Summit

The global leaders resolved to carry out the Action Plan in support of initiatives like the Global Initiatives to Combat

Nuclear Terrorism, and the Global Partnership (GP) against the Spreac of Weapons and Material of Mas5 Destruction. The GP contributes tc development, coordination, imple­mentation and finance of new o: expanded cooperation projects ir various areas including nuclear anc radiological security and the imple­mentation of UN Resolution 1540. The members of GP work bilaterally as well multilaterally, according to their respective means. The Action plan adopted during the fourth Nuclear Summit describes those actions and measures, which promote and advance nuclear security. The Action plan focuses on strengthening national nuclear security regimes by such actions as promotion of culture of nuclear security, strengthening nuclear material transportation security, development of alternative technologies for nuclear security, supporting the effective implemen­tation of the guidelines of Inter­national Atomic Energy Agency, promoting training for nuclear security, and supporting develop­ment of awareness about the smug­gling of prohibited nuclear material. The other activities outlined in the Action Plan include assisting pro­grammes to strengthen nuclear forensic capabilities, providing assis­tance in safe disposal and conversion of nuclear material, strengthening cooperation with international fora with similar objectives, promoting the work of Global Partnership in nuclear security and developing a rapid res­ponse capability in case of unantici­pated nuclear and radiological security situations.

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Fourth Nuclear Security Summit, Washington, 2016

fourth edition of Nuclear Security Summit was held in Washington on March 31-April 1, 2016. This is the last edition of the four Summits, which started in 2010 at Washington. The leaders from 52 countries partici­pated in this grand summit. Indian Prime Ministers have keenly partici­pated in all four Summits. During 2016 Summit, Indian Prime Minister, Narendra Modi took active part and presented India’s National Progress Report, which contains the steps taken by India to ensure security of nuclear material and technology.

The Summit took stock of the progress made in last six years towards ensuring national security in the world. American President Barack Obama summed the achievements of the Summit process as he remarked, ‘We have now removed or secured all the highly enriched uranium or plutonium from more than 50 facili­ties in 30 countries-more than 3.8 tons, which is more than enough to create 150 nuclear weapons. Since the beginning of Summit process, summit participants have made over 260 national security commitments and most of these commitments have been implemented. In a nutshell the outcomes of nuclear security summits are: nuclear material removed or eliminated; relevant treaties ratified and implemented; reactors converted into safe mode; nuclear security regulations strengthened; 15 coun­tries established centres of excellence for nuclear security training and support; and nuclear security tech­nology and capability enhanced.

It was amidst these achievements that the fourth Nuclear Security Summit discussed and considered new measures to evolve and streng­then a robust global mechanism for nuclear security. The Summit parti­cipants issued a final Communique on April 1, 2016, which highlights the major concerns and initiatives of global community to deal with the challenges of nuclear security. The main points included in this Com­munique are:

  1. While recognizing the threat of nuclear and radiological terrorism as one of the greatest challenges of international security, it claimed that the summit process has strengthened the nuclear security architecture at national, regional and global levels. It also demanded the universalization and effective implementation of inter­national legal mechanisms of nuclear security like International Conven­tion on the Suppression of Acts of Nuclear Terrorism; and the Conven­tion on Physical Protection of Nuclear Material and facilities.
  2. The leaders reaffirmed their faith in the shared goals of nuclear disarmament and nuclear non­proliferation as well as rights of states to the peaceful use of nuclear energy. They also affirmed the fundamental responsibility of all states to maintain all time effective security of nuclear material and technology under their control.
  3. The threat of nuclear terro­rism can be countered by fostering stable and peaceful international environment, constant vigilance at all levels, and international cooperation including sharing of relevant infor­mation among states.
  4. The leaders reaffirmed the essential responsibility and the central role of the International Atomic Energy Agency in streng­thening the global nuclear security architecture as well as guiding and supporting the efforts of the states for that purpose.
  5. The leaders also resolved to support efforts of international orga­nizations like UN and INTERPOL.